Accelerating drug-discovery

Computer-aided drug design

Our mission

Our mission is to harvest the world’s protein data for computer-aided drug design to develop new medicine for currently incurable diseases by exascale computing


A pharmaceutical
data-mining startup
for drug discovery

The focus of FORCELAB is drug discovery by computational chemistry using accurate estimates of binding free-energy (ΔGbind ) equivalent to experimental methods by low cost digital methods


Digital pharma for the future of medicine

We license drugs to pharmaceutical customers in several therapeutic areas shortening time-to-market B2B and B2C. Our digital drug discovery recipe enable shortest possible drug discovery phase for new drug candidates

Lead optimization

We offer simulations of drug optimizations that agrees with experimental data within 1 kcal/mol e.g. in pre-clinical phase to find the best drug candidates for a disease

Refill the drug candidate pipeline 

We offer pharma companies to refill their pipeline with access to a multitude of drug candidates 

Drug design & licensing

We offer drug design with licensing and access agreements to new drug candidates



Forcelab is always interested in providing the most accurate drug discovery for our clients

Drug delivery for cancer treatment drugs 

Bone mineral: A trojan horse for bone cancers: Efficient intracellular delivery and tumor eradication with nano hydroxyapatite containing doxorubicin 

Drug-discovery for 
therapy of bile acid-related liver diseases

Binding affinities of the farnesoid X receptor in the D3R Grand Challenge 2 estimated by free-energy perturbation and docking, Martin A. Olsson et al., Journal of computer-aided molecular design 32 (1), 211-224

Conformational entropies of cancer treatment drugs

Interplay between Conformational Entropy and Solvation Entropy in Protein–Ligand Binding
Maria Luisa Verteramo, Olof Stenström, Majda Misini Ignjatović, Octav Caldararu, Martin A. Olsson, Francesco Manzoni, Hakon Leffler, Esko Oksanen, Derek T. Logan, Ulf J. Nilsson, Ulf Ryde, and Mikael Akke
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2019 141 (5), 2012-2026

Quantum-mechanical calculations of drug–protein interaction energies

Structure and Energetics of Ligand–Fluorine Interactions with Galectin‐3 Backbone and Side‐Chain Amides: Insight into Solvation Effects and Multipolar Interactions, Martin A. Olsson, et al.,ChemMedChem 14 (16), 1528-1536